We are the


you never knew

you needed!

In this dark and troubled marketing times, we can all use a creative agency that is unafraid to explore bold and game-changing ideas. Let us be the caped crusader to save your brand from the clutches of consumer fatigue. Choose us to be the dark knight, the hero you never knew you needed, to turn a new chapter of your brand.

We are a boutique creative agency promising 360-degree marketing and branding solutions for your brand. We’ll come to the rescue of all your branding, marketing, consulting, content creation and event-throwing needs by means of a full fledged team of superheroes from an equally diverse background.

We are young but experienced, fun-loving yet professional. This dynamic mix allows us to pool the best talents and resources to create viral, effective and result-driven campaigns.

We strive to help connect your brand with the right end audience – this entails the right themes, concepts and messages to reach the right people. It isn’t just about closing a sale for us; it’s about creating lasting brand impressions that stay in the hearts of your audiences, like a true childhood hero.

We might as well put the disclaimer out right now: If the usual hard-sell and uninspiring campaign touting your product as the top level boss is what you’re looking for, we’re going to have to decline the job as we are about the greater good for all of mankind.

Trust in us, however, and we will risk our lives to build that of your brand’s. We promise to swoop in and save your brand from the what seems like even the most hopeless clutches of doom.

When the onslaught is relentless and you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel in dire situations…

Call on us in times of trouble.
We promise to swoop in and save your brand from what seems like even the most hopeless clutches of doom.


Is Your


In The

Darkest Storm!

In the open sea of marketing where hundreds of thousands of brands are paddling with every ounce of energy to stay afloat, let us help you build the fastest and most advanced ship to sail ahead of everyone.

Better yet, allow us to be your anchor to help you stand strong through every choppy wave and every violent tussle of the seawater. We will craft and mould the strongest and stoutest anchor to drop to the deepest depths of the ocean to ensure your brand doesn’t get swept away through the onslaught of your competition.

Chained together by unique brand story, distinctive voice, compelling narrative and emotional resonance that a mass audience far and wide can relate to, we will build an infallible ship and anchor to help you set sail across oceans around the world.


Managing Director

Operation Director

BADASS Brandon
Brand director

Creative Director

Sales Director

Social Media Strategist

Brand Executive

Sales Executive

Graphic Designer

Whatever predicament you’ve found yourself in, we have the right superpower to help you. From consultation to strategising and execution, we have the full repertoire and tools to save you from despair and break you from unnecessary chains.

What you need, we have:



Digital marketing

Creative content


Just give our superhero hotline a call and we’ll be there to


your brand


in the storm!

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